Monday, September 19, 2011

Dim Sum Legendary palace

  On 9/17/11 I got really lucky, we went to Chinatown in Oakland, CA. When I was at home I was really hungry so my Mom surprised us and took us to Chinatown to eat Dim Sum at the Legendary Palace. When I sat down at this place there was a bunch of people downstairs and upstairs. Then these carts came with lots of food that looked so good. The first set of things that we had was pork dumplings.

I had to try the chicken feet that looked disgusting but actually tasted good. A woman told us that you eat the WHOLE entire foot. My brother ate the whole entire thing, including the bones, but I did not. It seemed like it was boiled deep fried in a sauce. 
Next came the sweet pork buns. Inside they was sweet marinated pork. The outside bun was baked perfectly and was literally golden. The pork buns were room temperature. I ate one because I had to eat other food.

 Then a sweet came. It was a chewy sesame rice ball with sweet red bean paste inside. It was actually a little to sweet. I only like the doughy part it gives sweetness and no sweetness to it. 

Then I saw this green dumpling that looked really good but it actually tasted really bitter. There was to much greens, my Mom thought there was some kinda meat in there but I disagree.  

 Here are some other pictures of Chinatown                                         

                                   My Mom took a picture of that!
                                       Chinese market

                                    A durian fruit

                                       Some crazy looking ducks

                                Some beautiful looking vegetables 

                                 Those pastries look delicious!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If you want early Italian food and Asian community food this is the place to go. Chow is a nice warm place with a fire and lots of respect from the servers. There is a seasonal menu to to satisfy the people who eat there. Today on 9/13/11 for a drink I got a chocolate malt which is pretty good but not as good as the one in Corso if you read it. This has a big cherry on top, rich creamy whip cream and vanilla bean ice cream in the middle.

And after I had 2 sips of malt the main dish came which was a fusilli with chicken and sausage in it. This fusilli was like heaven food I'm telling you it was so good.

Even know the check was $95 because of my brothers steak it was worth it.

If you want to go to this place go to 445 railroad avenue or call 925-838-4510  


Sunday, September 11, 2011


If you want a sandwich with lots of flavor you have to go here. This place is famous for their sandwich's and Italian gelato's. On 9/11/11 I got a Italiano which had Fresh mozzarella cheese with pesto, balsamic vinegar, spring beans, tomato and red onions on sliced rosemary bread. And also my brother had a Rubini and my dad had a Artichoke Fontina. So we went outside to seat and there was this really cute chihuahua that I could almost cry. The mozzarella and the balsamic vinegar mixed together was so good I wish my Mom could be there but she had to stay in Paris for a week to work at her business Beautyhabit. So after are sandwich's we had to get some Italian gelato I got a Hazelnut chocolate, I wish I had a Tony Spanomi which is Pistachio,Strawberry and chocolate mixed together.It felt like 2 hours to eat that thing. Here are some pictures:


If you want to go to this place go to Danville,Ca

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The best pizza you will ever have is Cheese Board pizza, the first time I tried Cheese Board pizza is when I was a baby and since then I still love that place. There is always a line there like a mile long. If you go there you only get one type of pizza a day. There is always a band playing there - a jazzy band. And today on 9/10/11 I got a French goat cheese pizza which had Crimini mushrooms, Onions, French goat cheese, Mozzarella, Fresh herbs, Garlic olive oil. This was so good! 

Here is the Cheese Board website:

PS - I also have a Uncle who is a Chef and he has a website called


This is a wonderful place called Corso it is a Italian place that I guarantee you will love. When I first walked into this place it was so beautiful and it was a really clean place. The service was excellent also. The appetizer that I had was a mozzarella salad with croutons, mozzarella, arugula, die for tomatoes and a hint of olive oil, and guess what that was so good I could eat that salad everyday.
And then comes the main dish Spaghetti and Meatballs. Everything was great like the seasoning, texture, flavor and etc..

The best part of all is dessert I had a cherry sundae and let me tell you this much you can't have a better sundae. This sundae had whip cream, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate and carmel.  This place is Shattuck avenue Berkeley, ca. And just to let u know i'm fi fi and im a kid!